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Here is what current and former professional athletes say about Super Blue Stuff:


Jim Lefebvre, Former MLB Player and Manager

"My pain was so bad, I could barely walk, affecting not only my ability to stay active, but making it nearly impossible to interact with friends and family. Then I learned about a revolutionary new pain relief product that guaranteed to relieve my pain. Well as you can imagine I was skeptical, but my pain was so bad I was willing to try anything. So I tried it, I put it on my feet, my knees , my back and my shoulder. And within minutes I could feel the pain leave my body. It was fantastic! Today, I'm active again, I'm enjoying my family, playing golf, playing tennis completely pain free...Thanks to this...it's called Super Blue Stuff. It's guaranteed to relieve your pain in five minutes. That's right it's guaranteed to relieve your pain in just five minutes. I got so excited about this Super Blue Stuff that I agreed to appear on this television show not as a paid spokesperson, but a completely satisfied Blue Stuff customer." 

TestimonialsCharles Johnson, MLB Player

"When your in the Major Leagues and you play 165 games a year, you need something to relieve the pain. That's why at times I use Super Blue. You put Super Blue, you put it on it's a nice cool sensation and it really relieves the pain"


Tim Ferris, National Kick Boxing Champion

"Super Blue came along not long ago, I ordered it, didn't expect it to help, I had tried many different things and they simply hadn't worked. Unlike many others, this product did work...Super Blue worked for me and started using it with other athletes and the athletes have responded tremendously well to it. So we take great steps to determine which products to use for these people who depend on it for their professional sports, and this is one that we've ended up choosing. Super Blue really does work." Tim Ferris, Kick Boxer





Doug Sauter, Professional Hockey Coach

"I went out and purchased a bottle and I tried it. The pain relief that I got was amazing. It didn't matter if it was first thing in the morning, or late at night or in the middle of the night. When the pain was there I'd reach for my bottle of Super Blue and put it on and it took that pain away, it took that edge away."

Doug Sauter Professsional Hockey Coach

Gaylord Perry, Hall of Fame Pitcher

Gaylord Perry, Hall Of Fame Pitcher

"When my daughter called me and said: 'Dad, I know your knees are hurting" and my back was hurting, and she said:'I use Super Blue on my back and I'm sending you some!' So she sent me some of hers that she had ordered for me. So I used it on my knee and in about three hours it starting getting better...I'd been waking up at night with knee pain, and I used some more, and it got better and I had a good night's sleep"


Russ Francis, Former All-Pro NFL Player

"I spent 14 years in the National Football League. And because of guys like Steve playing across from me everyday in practice, I feel like I've earned my PhD in pain. Pain is something we deal with everyday, as we get older it becomes more and more of an issue. Steve also has introduced me to Super Blue Stuff. I've used it with my friends, my family, myself every single day. I'm here to  tell you simply...it works!"

Russ Francis, NFL All-Pro

Roxie Strish, Former Professional Racer


Roxie Strish, Former Professional Racer

"I raced cars for almost twenty years. I have strained and sprained more things than I can remember and I kept right on going. None of those things slowed me down too awfully much. Not until I started writing a book, and I wrote long-hand. And my thumbs swelled and they ached and nothing seemed to help. So I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that, that was how it was going to be, until I talked to a pilot friend of mine and he recommended Super Blue Stuff. It's been the answer to my prayers and it's truly restored my quality of life. I say there's relief out there...give Super Blue a try! You won't be sorry you did!"

Steve & Sue Zabel, Former NFL'er


Steven & Susan Zabel, Former NFL Player

"Steve played in the National Football League for 10 years. Those guys weren't playing chess out there, he's had tremendous joint pain, neck pain, and as we've gotten older, it's only gotten worse. Then we were introduced to Super Blue Stuff, and it has changed the course of pain relief for our entire family, especially Steve. Folks, my wife introduced me to Super Blue Stuff several years ago, and up until that time I was taking 8 to 10 Ibuprofen every day. twice two years ago I got injections that cost thousands of dollars, to relieve the pain in my neck. Since I've been using Super Blue Stuff, I've not taken one Ibuprofen. forget about the injections. As a matter of fact it's so good, I tell all my friends about it including former all-pro tight end, one of my teammates...Russ Francis."

Ruth Bolton, WNBA Player


Ruth Bolton, WNBA Basketball Player

"Well I've played for several years, on two different Olympic teams and 6 years in the WNBA, I've tried different creams because I've experienced soreness, stiffness throughout my career, but when I was introduced to Super Blue it really, really helped me. I was practicing one day and I was like Oh God it's scaring me, I don't feel any pain...it really felt good the menthol feel. It made my knee feel...I didn't have as much pain as before, it felt good, being able to play without pain"