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Dr Mercola Reports on Acetaminophen Potential Dangers to Newborn

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The Most Common Pain Relief Drug in The World Induces Risky Behaviour, Study Suggests

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DPF Sponsors The Chronic Pain Association of Canada

DPF Health Ltd. in its first sponsorship has aligned itself with The Chronic Pain Association of Canada because it recognizes that this self-supporting group not only needs recognition but its members need assistance in solving their most serious health issues.

We became aware of the group through our contact with Mr. Glen Hutzul of the New Outlook Chronic Pain Support Group based in the Greater Toronto Area. We became even more keen on involvement when Mr. Hutzul suggested that members of his group had been searching for non-invasive, healthy alternatives to oral pain medications. The members are experiencing a wide variety of medical conditions including: arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, shoulder pain, severe knee pain, and other concerns some times due to work related or motor vehicle injuries.

We believe that Doctor's Pain Formula is a most suitable pain relief product for many of the membership because it has no known material side effects, will not interact with any other medications prescribed or otherwise, it is the most natural in this category and can be used 24/7 without any accumulation of side effects.


This is what Glen Hutzul, facilitator of the Toronto Area New Outlook Chronic Pain Support Group, had to say:

"Doctors Pain Formula’ was an exhibitor at our Chronic Pain Forum in 2010 and it was  a hit!  Participants who tried the pain relief cream were surprised at the almost immediate relief of their pain symptoms.  I expected the first question from the members of our pain support group to  be about its coxt but instead, the number one question that I heard was ‘where could the Pain Formula be purchased?'  

Since trying the sample that was provided, I now use the product regularly, as a supplement to and occasionally in place of some of my daily medications for my nerve pain.

Glen Hutzul, facilitator, New Outlook Chronic Pain Support Group