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The Creator of Blue Stuff - Jack McClung

Jack McClung, the founder of Blue Stuff, owned a restaurant in Oklahoma City, where he talked to a lot of people everyday who all seemed to have aches and pains. In 1996 he first saw emus at the State Fair where he learned about the aborigines use of Emu Oil to relieve various types of pain. He decided to try to help his customers and began searching for a product to provide pain relief for arthritic and chronic pain sufferers. He sought the help of a variety of chemists and pharmacists who over the years provided him with a list of ingredients that should be included in an effective topical pain relief product along with the emu oil, aloe vera and beneficial herbs known to the native peoples.

He had sample products formulated and had his customers try it, by giving it to them in recycled catsup bottles. When they came back with their comments he realized that most of them were very happy with the results and wanted to buy more. Jack then contracted a local laboratory to manufacture his formula for Blue Stuff. His almost magical, topical analgesic pain relief cream hit the market in the US in 1998, primarily marketed through the Blue Stuff Pain Management Centre.

Over the months the ingredient blend was perfected to provide just the right amount of menthol and with the addition of further healthy ingredients, he began to set his sights on selling Blue Stuff across the country. By the use of radio, talk shows, newspaper ads sales began to grow quickly. He explored all marketing possibilities and selected the television infomercial route. The first show hit the air in 2000 using actual satisfied customer testimonials, eventually a cross-section of sports celebrities began to appear all extolling the benefits of Blue Stuff in its relief of chronic pain, arthritic pain and the treatment of sports injuries and overwork.

Jack McClung Of course the rest is history…the simple and well-documented facts are that from the moment that Jack sold his very first bottle of Blue Stuff out of an old brick house on 23rd Street in Oklahoma City, within 30 months he had sold over 3,000,000 jars of Blue Stuff. And he did it jar by jar to individuals, not by bulk orders or sales to huge retail chains.

The reason that it grew so rapidly is quite simple: “The product works” people were getting positive results, thus, word of mouth from thousands of satisfied customers were instrumental in propelling sales. After a couple of months of being in business and selling Blue Stuff, the product was so good that the re-orders started pouring in. Because a 4.4oz jar of Blue Stuff if used daily, as was the case by chronic pain sufferers, needed to be replaced about every 30 to 45 days, re-orders were nearly eighty five percent of original of new orders. Within a few months they were selling almost 20,000 jars a day.

The local manufacturers struggled to keep up with Blue Stuff, not to mention the other products that followed behind, but Jack continued to maintain relationships with all his original suppliers who had grown with him.

The Blue Stuff Company evolved over time, and in 2004 Blue Spring International was established by Jack's daughter, Debra Murray. In less than three years, Debra has expanded the business into related product categories including nutrition, wellness, spa and pet product lines. All of the Blue Spring products focus on natural high-quality ingredients, and they are a respected developer and distributor of numerous FDA-approved pain relief products registered under the category of over-the-counter drugs.*

Under Debra's management the company has gained a new entrepreneurial spirit with long-range goals which have seen the launch of new products and the adoption of a dramatic new contemporary look for existing lines, that is expected to increase it's profile immensely.

The move into natural health and wellness products through its acquisition of Euro Pharma an established line sold through health food and nutrition stores is sure to provide a solid foundation for new sales opportunities and further growth.

Within 6 years the Company had sold over $200 million worth of products to millions of satisfied customers across North America and now has begun expanding sales into Europe and Asia.

What Is Amazing Super Blue Stuff OTC And Why Does It Continue To Work So Well?

SuperBlue Stuff OTC is a proprietary blend of 28 effective ingredients that makes it unique, containing the following therapeutic ingredients: Menthol, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, Emu oil, Glucosamine, Grape Seed Oil Extract, MSM and Vitamin E Tocopherol. These ingredients have a history of use in Herbal Medicines and in European, Native American and Eastern Medicines to help the body.

PLUS it includes 10 Natural and Therapeutic Herbs: Marigold (Calendula) Flower, Coriander Seed Oil, Cornflower or Bluebottle, Feverfew, German Chamomile, Lime Tree Flower also called Linden, Nettle, Roman Chamomile, Willow Bark and Witch Hazel. It is important to note that it has no parabens(artificial preservatives), arnica or urea.

Miraculous Super Blue Stuff works so well because it uses just the right combination of active and therapeutic ingredients. The active ingredient is menthol, which comes from the peppermint plant. Topically applied - at the correct level - it is an analgesic pain reliever, with a slightly cooling effect. Blue Spring is very exacting in the amount it uses, to do the job just right.

That is why most people have had it work for them in just 5 minutes!